CoolSculpting: Safe Treatment to Reduce Fat

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With our technology these days, it"s now easier to start your way to getting slimmer through CoolSculpting. Just like any other procedure, you simply have to set an appointment with a CoolSculpting provider.

What is CoolSculpting?

This new method doesn"t require any surgery because it will contour your body by freezing those fats away. People have become more confident about themselves after going through this amazing procedure and it"s available everywhere now having 6 million CoolSculpting procedure worldwide.

It can get rid of those unwanted belly rolls whether you"re a man, a woman or somewhere in between. The CoolSculpting procedure is a safe way to remove those stubborn bulges no matter what part of your body.

How does it work?

It"s called cryolipolysis in the scientific term which means a procedure that freezes fat cells hence killing them. This treatment is FDA-approved and works by having an applicator apply suction to the target area. According to Darren Smith, a plastic surgeon in New York City, “The applicator then applies carefully regulated cooling plates to bring fat cells down to a temperature at which they are irreversibly damaged." The procedure usually takes about 35 minutes for most areas.

CoolSculpting VS Liposuction

Each person has a different body type that"s why there are different types of treatment. You can either choose CoolSculpting or liposuction – both can be really effective but the result still depends on some factors. You should consult a board-certified surgeon who is an expert in both procedures to find out which treatment suits you. Going with the method that will give you the best result sure is cost-effective because this means you"re on the right track in achieving your goal.

But as for me, I"ll take the safe path with CoolSculpting because it"s non-surgical way of removing fat. Even though liposuction has been proven successful, it has a high risk for it is an invasive procedure and may cause serious problems.

What are the effects?

With CoolSculpting, the common noted side effects are redness of the skin, a little bruising and numbness. The effects are probably caused by the applicator since it applies suction to remove the fat. All these usually resolve in about a week. And no need to worry about the numbness, it won"t damage your nerves.

The results should be noticeable within 2-7 weeks but it may take 3-4 months for the full effect. This procedure is very effective because it gives irreversible damage to the fat cells. However, maintaining a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important for the achieved results to last.

Is this procedure worth the price?

Let"s do the math. When you undergo liposuction, the surgeon may charge you around $1500 to $2000 per session which can reach up to $10 grand each month. While with CoolSculpting, you"ll be treating the same areas that would cost around $600 to $1200 which would be $3000 to $4000 a month. And well with this treatment, you won"t need to worry about recovering from pain, and there"s no risk of infection or whatsoever. The only thing you"d lose is the underlying fat that is hard to get rid of through diet and working out.

In here, CoolSculpting Florida prices may range between $1500 to $6000 depending on your treatment plan and other factors involved. And in my experience, they usually offer promos such as a full treatment with discounted gentle laser hair removal.

Living in our modern world, we now have a fast and easy way in achieving our body goals – thanks to the type of technology we have these days. Different treatments are proven safe and effective that will rejuvenate our skin, reduce fat, keep us feeling and looking young, and keep us healthy. Spending for guaranteed results through these medical services is way better than wasting money on endless products in the market.

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